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In 1984, Charming Shark created a line of active lifestyle jewelry to fill a need in the marketplace and create a quality brand of casual jewelry separate from what the common souvenir companies offer. We offer several products including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets on several unique styles such as shark teeth, bone infused wood, puka, flower, and shell to name a few. Charming Shark's products are designed locally, and offered on a stainless-steel cord. Many are also made right here in the USA.

We are also proud to announce our partnership with Surfing Hall of Fame inductee Juan Rodriguez, who hand-crafts all of our surfboard displays. Each display is autographed and numbered and provides the best look our industry has to offer!

After more than 30 years, we remain committed in our effort to provide the best, most innovative products on the market. Our passion and energy for the Charming Shark brand will continue to make us the most recognizable name in our industry.

Michael Kapica
President, CEO

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How It All Got Started

Michael Kapica served four years in Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. It was there that the idea for surf jewelry really took root. Having been a surfer all his life he started to think of design ideas that could be done to simple shell jewelry and Bali wood jewelry that could separate it from the cheap touristy jewelry being sold. The market at the time had no branded product, display or service of any kind.

This was an opportunity to do to accessories what Coppertone had done to oil. This time period was the early eighties and art deco was again as popular as when it first came to life 1920. So he had shells shaped in this fashion and with an island flair. Armed with this and unique displays and a service program things took off for this company and soon went from a van to a motorhome, then to a garage, then the first warehouse was rented in 1988. Finding employees was a challenge at first and with that challenge came a unique idea.

The idea at first was to employ people that wanted to work and found it challenging. The company initially hired workers and then came up with a very special idea that was the first of its kind. That was to employ mentally challenged people. Many calls later and the program began. Charming Shark is the first company to employ the mentally challenged, a program that caught on quickly to many large corporations.

We are also proud to have a great friend and surfing hall of famer Juan Rodriguez for making our beautiful displays. Each display is not only hand shaped but it is also a true work of art that is signed and numbered.

We would like to thank you for taking time to read this very short story about our company and the goals we continue to set for our customers, our community and of course ourselves.

Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez, owner of One World Surfing Products, is a legend in the surfing industry. His passion and goal has always been to design the perfect surfboard. That passion has lead him to becoming the premier surfboard shaper in the world. Juan has hand-crafted, autographed, and numbered each surfboard display that has left our facility! When we say our displays are the best in the industry, you can understand why we can say that. Having worked with some iconic names in the industry such as Greg Nolland Dale Velzy, Juan gives our brand added credibility.

Eddie Lobanovskiy

Eddie Lobanovsky

Eddie Lobanovsky has designed the vast majority of Charming Shark products throughout the years. Eddie is widely known in the design industry and has helped create the look and brand we are today. In addition to running his own successful business, Eddie has a passion for constantly improving his designs and work, something we too, strongly believe in.

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